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Many companies talk a good game; after all, it’s easy to say ‘we’re the best’. The old saying that actions speak louder than words is something we believe in and to follow are specific examples of situations in which we were able to assist a client, all involving challenging circumstances.

  • Medical expenses for a Division 1 college institution’s athletic department were spiraling out of control with no end in sight; KSI assisted in providing a uniquely structured insurance program that provided much needed stabilization as well as a game plan to reduce these expenses in the future.
  • When a Major League Baseball team signed their superstar to a franchise-record contract, they needed to protect the financial integrity of the organization in the event the athlete suffered a catastrophic injury or illness. KSI was able to provide such cover, protecting the team through a high limit, (body part) exclusion free, multi-year disability policy.
  • Working with an uncooperative high-profile entertainer, a world-wide promoter turned to KSI to provide event cancellation and non-appearance coverage that protected their financial interest while minimizing the involvement of the entertainer. We were successful in this task; even saving the client money by obtaining a lesser rate than past concerts.

  • A NASCAR sponsor offered their driver a significant financial incentive if he achieved specific performance criteria. KSI successfully negotiated a cost effective insurance alternative which allowed the sponsor to remove this liability from their books and simply root for their driver with minimal financial ramifications involved!

  • During the recent holiday season a large retail store wanted to increase their sales through a creative promotion insured by KSI. If it snowed 6 inches or more on Christmas Day, all inventory sold during the post Thanksgiving weekend would be ‘free’. While the snowfall didn’t trigger coverage, the promotion was a huge success to the client’s bottom line and they are looking forward to doing it again! Another example of insurance actually helping a business!