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To win the prize, a contestant must unlock the vault by correctly predicting the six digit combination. This is a great on site promotion sure to draw a crowd!

Each scratch card contains 25 scratch boxes. No more than five boxes may be scratched. To win a prize, a contestant must find five of the same symbols underneath each of the five boxes scratched. Prize won is determined by the number of stars underneath the “Special Play” box.

Insurance provider will fill 100 “money bags” with designated messages and the appropriate number of secondary prize message; One (1) of the messages will read “Congratulations, you have won the $xx,xxx Grand Prize”. The sponsor will provide the secondary messages or prizes. You or your customer simply place the money bags into a designated area or container. The lucky contestant selects a bag and if the winning bag(s) is selected, the provider pays the Grand Prize.

Carrier will provide 20 sealed envelopes for each contestant. Inside the 20 envelopes will be oversized playing cards of the 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Aces.
Each contestant will open five envelopes. If the contestant makes a Royal Flush, they win the Grand Prize.


The charity sells tickets for a designated price ($10, $20, etc.). At the end of the evening, ten ticket numbers are called out. Those people get to pick an envelope from a pool of 250 envelopes. If one of them finds the grand prize winning message, they win the Grand Prize.

Carrier provides six one inch dice. Each die will have a logo on one side. To win prize, attendees must roll all six dice and have all six symbols land face-up. Charity sells one roll of the dice for $5.00 or three rolls for $10.00. (this is one example; the organization can sell rolls for any amount they desire.)

The key for the charity is to have a sponsor pay the prize coverage fee so the first $5.00 raised goes straight to the charity.