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Give your athlete millions in performance bonuses that only cost you thousands!

Did you know that most athletes have a sensory trigger that is activated when additional incentive is provided toward their success?

In the competitive world of professional sports, any edge utilized can be the difference between winning and losing.  The provision of insured contractual bonuses for your athletes can be such an edge.

Why Use Incentive Bonuses and Insurance?

(1) By offering an additional financial incentive to your athlete, you increase the
      likelihood of success, thereby increasing media exposure for your team
     (or sponsorship)

(2) While such bonuses are typically considered a liability on your balance sheet
      until the season is completed, insurance removes these liabilities and frees       cash for more productive items, such as marketing expenses

(3) Insurance stabilizes the maximum amount of your financial obligation,
      making a successful season a truly win-win scenario

(4) The cost of the insurance can usually be written off as a business expense

Feel free to contact us for more information regarding this exciting specialty insurance program!