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Supplemental Disability for high net worth individuals- if you/your client has an annual income over $500,000 it is likely that you/your client has a need for supplemental disability coverage. The standard disability marketplace typically caps limits at $15,000 or $20,000 per month thus requiring supplemental cover to ensure that the client is protected up to 55% or 60% of their annual income. If justified, these specialty markets will provide monthly limits of $50,000 or more with a lump sum of permanent total disability coverage calculated on a net present value basis to address the truly catastrophic disability. In many cases the capability now exists to offer 5 year policy terms for white-collar professionals age 50 and younger.

Supplemental Disability for Physicians- until recently, this marketplace was almost non-existent due to heavy losses in London over the years. Now several insurance companies are aggressively positioned to offer this coverage, even relating to the higher risk disciplines. In some cases an option of Occupation can be provided with the corresponding rate differences noted. In many states the capability now exists to offer to offer 4 year policy terms for practitioners 50 years of age and younger and 3 years for physicians and surgeons ages 51-55. Both temporary and/or permanent total disability coverage can be offered depending upon age and other criteria.

Key Person Disability coverage applicable to Corporations- due to the various scandals in Corporate America in recent years, this ‘key person’ cover is something many organizations are investigating to protect their financial interests. Whether the key employee is the CEO or the company’s best salesperson, as long as financial justification can be provided this cover is available. In some cases, companies have even stated in the stockholders report that their organization would suffer a significant financial loss should designated individuals be unable to do their jobs. Failure to investigate this protection under these circumstances could open the company to liability problems should such an event occur.

Life Insurance - while many believe life insurance products are all the same, the truth is this cover can have a significant impact on the financial well being of high net worth individuals if structured properly.  In conjunction with former NFL athlete Bruce Mesner, this is what we do; unique life products for unique occupations.

Miscellaneous - need more? Ask us about the following:
Disability & Life relating to:
  Supplemental group programs
Mergers & Acquisitions
Buy/Sell Agreements
Employment Contracts
Loan Agreements
Business Overhead
Employee Stock Overhead Plans
Stop Gap Life Coverage
Accidental Death
Kidnap & Ransom
Travel Accident (including high risk areas such as Iraq & Afghanistan)
Death & Disgrace
Image Protection