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Your students - including your athletes - are the life blood of your institution. Ensuring that they have best protection possible is important to you - and to us!

We assist schools from every classification - from D-1 to NAIA - in the areas of student health insurance and athlete accident cover. Our philosophy is simple - we are your advocates in the marketplace, not just your broker. Items such as policy language, claims handling and medical networks are examples of critical elements that we emphasize on your behalf.

Do you currently work with a broker that you would like to remain involved in your program? No problem - we can work with them as well; our sole goal is to provide you with the most efficient, cost effective program for your particular situation.

Additional information - including applications - regarding these programs follow:

We also have the capability to assist your institution in other areas, including one product that can actually increase your school’s revenue - check out the links below:

Event Cancellation
Weather Insurance
Incentive Bonus (applicable to coaches as well!)
Athlete-Oriented Products (student athletes w/ a professional future)