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Temporary Total Disability
- this coverage, usually applicable to professional sports teams, reimburses the insured for compensation contractually guaranteed to an athlete should the athlete suffer a disability which prevents them from playing for an extended period of time.  The compensation protected can represent salary or signing bonuses that are guaranteed to the athlete.  Coverage generally applies after a designated waiting period. 

Permanent Total Disability
- otherwise known as ‘career-ending’ disability, this coverage is catastrophic in nature and responds when an athlete suffers a disability which prevents them from ever playing their sport again.  For more information regarding this product read our article in the Sports Business Journal - click here.

Life Insurance
- unfortunately, there have been several tragic loss of life incidents in the professional athlete world recently and having proper coverage in place is crucial for the athlete and his/her family.  Working in conjunction with former NFL athlete Bruce Mesner, we utilize products that are specifically designed for the unique occupation of professional athletes.

Incentive Bonus
- this unique product can have different applications relating to athletes; it is primarily used to protect an organization’s bottom line should a sponsored athlete achieve various contractual incentives - click here for further information.

In some cases, an even more unique application can apply - should a high-profile athlete have incentive bonus performance parameters in his contract, various levels of these bonuses can be insured against injury or illness which prevents the athlete from obtaining this compensation. 

- high profile individuals are high profile targets, particularly in our litigious society.  As such they need liability protection which contemplates this exposure; we work with companies that understand this and provide the appropriate protection. 

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